One of the most important factors contributing to a successful company is hiring. The local presence of several tech giants such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google, a shortage of employees with the right skills, and the escalating war for talent make recruiting a daunting and labor intensive challenge. If assembling a world class team is such a pivotal part of building a company why would you even think to outsource the process? Here are a few reasons why it might make sense for you to work with a trusted recruiting partner.


1) It allows you to focus on your business.

Whether you’re hiring for an entry level role or a manager the process takes valuable time and resources away from you and your team. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the volume of resumes in order to find qualified candidates, screenings candidates, and scheduling interviews for the few candidates that you THINK might be a fit. Multiply that effort by the number of open positions, and suddenly recruiting talent becomes a full time job leaving little time to spend on your core business. An outside recruiting partner can ensure that you only meet top candidates to help save you considerable time and energy.

2) Cost reduction.

Recruitment is not only time consuming, but costly as well. Employing an in-house recruiter consist of labor costs and the associated expenditures that allow the recruiter to effectively do their job. These cost include job-board postings, specialized applicant tracking tools, up to date recruiting technologies, and much more. When working with an outside resource these expenses are bundled into your agreed placement fees. With the popular “contingent” placement model working with a recruiting partner will not cost you a dime until your position is filled.

3) Periods of high growth.

There are times when your company will experience times of high growth, including adding additional headcount. It could also mean that your company might just need some temporary staff to get through the resource spike. Regardless, additional time is required to make sure you have the appropriate staffing complete these projects. An external recruiting partner will have the available network and bandwidth to help scale your teams. Your recruiting partners can also take over internal recruiting processes to free up precious hours.

4) Ability to compete.

With limited tools smaller companies tend to lack access to the same candidate pool as larger companies. Working with an external recruiting partner will allow companies to compete with larger companies that have the ability to reach a broad range of potential candidates. In addition to the extended reach your recruiting partner can provide, they can also help you quickly move on candidates that are actively searching for new opportunities. This will elevate your chances of onboarding these candidates before other companies even know they’re on the market.

5) Streamlined recruiting process.

Recruiting can seem like a disjointed process at times. Keeping track of candidates, scheduling interviews, providing feedback to managers and candidates, and presenting and negotiating offers takes a lot of coordination. An outsourced recruiting resource has the ability to take over the entire process to allow one point of contact, thus creating a seamless process for both you, the employer, and the candidates that you are hoping to hire.


Engaging and hiring an outside resource has the potential to become a partnership that will save your company time, money, and energy. A good partner will be working for you and your company’s best interest and will dedicate key resources to help you grow, so it is important to find a firm that is match for both you and your team. Good partners will be there for you when times are tough and during periods of great success.